Monday, May 01, 2006


Because Laurie asked for it, here are some poems I wrote for my class. :)
Can you recognize this place?

Bear Lodge

As I approach this place
holy to one culture and revered
by generations of moviegoers

I am filled with awe
of the giant stone sculpted by nature
rising from its bed of trees

As I read about its sacred nature
all I can think about
is mashed potatoes and flying saucers

The monument is a mystery
but I feel at peace in its shadow
I can understand why its holy

to Native Americans
and movie aliens


Explosion of color against the gray;
the once dead earth resurrects herself.
As brown turns to green, flowers bloom
in a kaleidoscope of reds, yellow and blues,
and the blossoms scent the earth with sweet perfume.
The trees answer nature’s call
with buds and branches reaching for the sky,
welcoming the sun once again.